Inter Zone

Senior Inter Zone side

Senior Inter Zone side – 2 last minute changes due to player withdrawal – C. Doyle (Kew) replacing S. Russ (UBC), and A. Grogan (UBC) replacing M. Rand.

Side now as follows.  Playing at Kahibah (Zone 2) on 14/16 May – section play against Zones 4, 8 and 10 – we wish them well.

Team 1 – C.Baldwin (WP), G.Powick (KPY), C.Balaam (NH), I.Stone (KPY)
Team 2 – C.Brown (SWR), J.Bradley (UBC), C. Doyle (Kew), P.Stockham (WP)
Team 3 – A. Grogan (UBC), M.Howard (SWR), R.Lee (WP), G.Brims (WP)