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August 19 Drills & Skills day at Hibbard Sports Club (Port Panthers)

WOW, what a day at the Hibbard Sports Club today.  Over 20 participants and 5 apologies indicated how popular and necessary this part of our game has become.

The existing members of the Zone MBA Committee met about 10am to discuss the immediate future and direction that will guide the Zone MBA members to become Zone Representatives.

It is NOTEWORTHY that nominees for positions on the committee for 2019/20 have already been received from both the south and northern areas of the Zone and that will make it easier and more attractive for more arm bowlers to participate in coaching, drills, trials and selections.

After the committee meeting, the south section committeeman, Paul Sloan, ably assisted by committee nominees for 2019/20, Greg Gill and Terry Brown, had a MUCH APPRECIATED introduction talk followed by practice drills and finishing with organised games.  One might say that all was SMOKING for the afternoon, but the bush fire might have had something to do with that as well.

Past Zone President and Golden Arm trophy donor, Ken Errington was invited to the day and has been asked to assist where possible, which he did on the day.   Many thanks Ken.

At the days end, a debriefing was had with all bowlers present and it was decided that REGULAR drills, coaching and games will be held on the SECOND MONDAY each month at the Hibbard Sports Club, commencing at 12 noon.  A small green fee will be charged for each member and light snacks will be available before the day’s business begins.

Many thanks go to the Hibbard Sports Club and greenkeeper for their assistance and preparation of the green.

IMPORTANTLY, whilst Zone 14 includes all the Men’s Clubs, the challenges for the annual Golden Arm and Armageddon Trophies between the Zone Armigos side and the State Woomeras side include WOMEN, as per National COP, therefore we would like and invite as many of you as possible to participate in the coaching, drills and games to improve your game and gain possible selection.  If you don’t have those aspirations, come along to enjoy the company of fellow arm bowlers anyway.

For further information, please contact me as follows:

Mobile:   0438 861 727                                              Email:

Many regards,        Paul Sloan